Monday, October 14, 2013

Tim Holtz - Creative Chemistry 102 - Day 4 - Alcohol Inks

Day 4 of Creative Chemistry 102 - taught by Tim Holtz.  Day 4 is one that ventured into an area that I haven't used this element very much in my art pieces.  The focus was alcohol inks.  Tim discusses alcohol inks and their properties.  Tim is such a great instructor.  He is always very informative and provides an good amount of detail when instructing (teaching). 
The techniques he taught in Day 4 of Creative Chemistry were - Faux Patina, Tinted Tinsel, Ombre, Monoprint, and Faded Layers.
Day 4 - Let's get started...

  • First Technique - Faux Patina Technique - This was a really cool technique that you utilized various colors (blues/greens) of Adirondack Alcohol Ink to a metal element. SO COOL...

  • Second Technique - Tinted Tinsel Technique -  I like how you can make the tinsel look vintage.

  • Third Technique - Ombre Technique - this is really cool way to use alcohol ink and giving an awesome background.  I am happy with my tag with on exception.  One stamp smeared on me.  However, I took the thing that Tim says all to often - Embrace Imperfection - to heart.

  • Fourth Technique - Monoprint Technique - With today's class this is my # 2 favorite technique learned.  Really like the effect this gives you.  WAY AWESOME!!!

  • Fifth Technique - Faded Layers Technique - This is my ultimate favorite technique that was taught today.

I have found a great attraction to using alcohol inks through learning these techniques in Day 4 of Creative Chemistry I will be doing it now.  LOVED WHAT I HAVE LEARNED.  I would say that the biggest thing learned is working in a well ventilated room is KEY.
Hope you enjoy my tag creation made when learning these techniques.   Can't wait to use this in some of my upcoming art pieces in the very near future.
Thanks all! Have a great night...Trent

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