Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tim Holtz - Creative Chemistry 102 - Day 5 - Embossing Effects

Day 5 - the last day of Creative Chemistry 102 - so sad...learning so much...  In Day 5 Tim discusses the versatility of embossing powders.   The techniques that he teaches are Rusting, Sticky Powder, Shabby Chic, Tarnished Silver, and Chalkboard.

I haven't been one yet to venture to much into using embossing powders in my work.  So today's class really benefited me as an artist as it has opened my eyes to more techniques.   It is great to see such versatility and adaptability that can be used by embossing.

Day 5 - the final day of class - very sad...CAN'T wait for Creative Chemistry 103...(just saying Tim bring it on..LOL)

  • First Technique - Rusting with Distress Powder Technique - Loved this technique and real cool way to give your die cut an authentic touch.
  • Second Technique - Sticky Powder with Glitter Technique- Okay this technique is the BOMB. I event took metal embellishments and completed the technique on them.  SO COOL...
  • Third Technique - Sticky Powder with Leafing Technique- I wasn't able to complete this technique is don't have leafing.  So once I get leafing I will post. 
  • Fourth Technique - Shabby Chic Technique
  • Fifth Technique - Tarnished Silver Technique - Okay Shelly Hickox this is an awesome technique Tim showed us...THANKS!!
  • Sixth Technique - Chalkboard Technique

Well this is the last of my posting of what I created from watching Tim's class and techniques shared/taught.

I hope you have enjoyed.  If you haven't been a student of Creative Chemistry 101 and/or Creative Chemistry 102 I HIGHLY suggest it.  You will learn so much and expand your reach, capabilities and creative flare as an artist by doing these classes.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and have a great one!  Trent

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