Saturday, October 12, 2013

Tim Holtz - Creative Chemistry 102 - Day 2 - Layering Stencils

Tim Holtz - Creative Chemistry 102 - Day 2 continued.  In this session Tim Holtz discusses stencils and techniques when using stencils.  We are taught Layering, Embossing, Stamping, Sketching, Monoprint.

DAY 2 - Creative Chemistry 102 here we go!!

  • First Technique - Mixed-Media Layering Technique
  • Second Technique - Embossing with Stencils Technique
  • Third Technique - Embossing through Stencils
  • Fourth Technique - Stencil Stamping Technique
  • Fifth Technique - Stencil Sketching Technique
  • Sixth Technique - Ink Monoprint Technique
  • Seventh Technique - Paint Monoprint Technique\

This day was so much fun but I wasn't able to complete all the techniques as I have to wait to get my products I purchased on SimonSaysStamps.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking out what I made in based on Day 2 of Creative Chemistry 102 taught by Tim Holtz.    This continuation of Creative Chemistry is so awesome and I am enjoying it so much!!!

Thanks all!


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