Monday, August 5, 2013

July 2013 - Part 2 - Family visit - Sister Carlene, my nieces Raylene & Breanna

The following weekend after my mom, sister Tami and Shiann came to visit I had more family visit. My sister Carlene came up to show me how to use my sewing machine. I wanted to be able to further expand my mixed media craft by use of sewing. So she was very nice to come up and teach me. It was a nice weekend as I shared with Raylene and Breanna how to make several different styles of tags through use of Tim Holtz products.

We also made verde tags and I worked with my sister to replicate a sewing tag I have displayed in my space. During the weekend I was taught how to sew, thread the machine and much more. We also we shopping and had such great quality time together. Here are pics from the weekend.

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