Monday, August 5, 2013

Carlene's birthday doll creation

So one day I was out looking through facebook and i stumbled across Jim Hawkins page where i saw his steampunk doll he created. It gave me a great idea for my sister as she is lover of dolls. So I decided to run out to Tuesday morning and by the dress form and begin my own process of creation.

The doll I created started out by using the tattered floral die - cut out over 80 total tattered flowers. Then applied multiple techniques to the flowers. I used patterned paper, card board, grunge board and plain card stock when cutting out the flowers. Then I attached them to the dress form on the doll with glue dots, adhesive and brads.

Once I had the dress completed i then created a belt by using buttons, crystals, thimbles and a clasp. I then wanted to make a shaw for the doll. So I went to a local antique store here in Cincinnati and bought a lace doilie. Then I used a clip and jewelery to create a broach.

Hope you enjoy. My sister loved this and was so surprised with what I made. Thanks Jim for giving me the idea for this creation.

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