Monday, August 5, 2013

July 2013 - Family visit / Craft weekend

So the second weekend in July I had my mother, sister Tami and niece Shiann come up to visit. This was great cause I was able to showcase my new art studio. Was nice to show of the space and be creative with my family. That weekend we completed several projects, I shared techniques and spent good times with my family.

I made the following items with my niece:

(1) My niece Shiann made a verde tag and I made her a verde jewelry box
(2) My niece and I made a wall art piece for her room. We collaborated and I showed her more techniques that can be used while making this piece.
(3) Then my niece wanted to make her mom an item she could display in here office. So we made my sister a really cool tag.

This was such a fun and creative weekend.

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