Sunday, August 11, 2013

Week of August 12th

This week will be a very busy one. I have to work my day job and then have many projects to complete. PROJECT LIST: Project #1 - My mom's birthday tag i made for her I need to finish and get in the mail. Project #2 - Need to finish my 2013 Halloween card and make envelopes. - I know you are thinking already? LOL Project #3 - Need to take the concept I have done in my head for my thanksgiving card and get that completed. I have to start early since my job's busy time is Oct/Nov/Dec. I also make 45 christmas cards so have to get this one and Thanksgiving out of the way. Project #4 - I need to finish a canvas project that i have started in a holding que. Project #5 - Need to finish two tag projects that I have inprocess. Project #6 - I also have to start my work on a project that I cant wait to get started that will be a secret till done. I will share pictures this week on Project #1, #4 and #5. Unfortunately cant share pics of my holiday cards till they go out. Have a great week everyone and I hope each of you have a creative week ahead. Thanks,

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