Thursday, February 27, 2014

Feb14 - Guest Designer for Authentique Paper

 Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying your final days of February.  Hard to believe this month has flown bye.

On Tuesday, February 25th -  I was featured on Authentique Paper's blog:

I was a guest designer for them in February using the ABROAD product line. Check out the post and see my design projects I created with this great product release.

Here is one sneak peak of one of the design projects I made - the blog has a full write-up and more pictures of the pieces I created with this collection.

 Thanks for stopping by my blog have a great weekend ahead,
Trent - TMCreative

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bob and Austin tags

I had my good friend Liza in town for the weekend from Chicago. She brought her boys with her Austin and Bob.

We went to Dave & Busters, Auto show and I wanted to spend time with them to make a project.

Austin wanted a tag with a car on it so I went with a theme of transportation with a mixed media flare. We had great fun making it.

Bob and I made the following tag for him.

Was great seeing the boys and Liza. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Feb14-Tag swap - Burlap & Lace

  Good evening, everyone and I have been delayed in posting lately due to my day job.  It is always hard to find that hard balance of your hobby and what pays the bills.  However, enough said I wanted to share the tag I designed for a recent tag swap I was in during February.

  The theme of the tag swap was Burlap and Lace.  This was one that I can admit was outside my comfort zone and I almost didn't join.  But I think sometimes you need to push your limits to drive your creative process to expand into areas you wouldn't go naturally.

  So here is the tag I developed and planned out.  below I have shared my work in process pictures and final piece that I created.  


I hope you enjoy my creation and my final designed piece that I created for this swap. 


Pastor Todd Card

Here is the card I made my pastor for getting his pastoral degree.

I wanted to honor him with a card for his achievement. This is the card I made him with a spiritual look and feel.

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentines Card 2014

  So for my Valentines card this year I wanted to give a mixed media/steampunk look and feel.  I am hoping that I achieved this with my end result.

  I really like how the metal aspects, embellishments, ink blending and various paper textures all came together.

  I hope you enjoyed this card and I know it was so much fun making it.


Tim Holtz - Feb14 - 12 tags of 2014

 I wanted to share my version of Tim Holtz 12 tags of 2014.  Here is me getting my space ready to make the February tag for 12 tags of 2014.

Here is what I came up with as my version of this tag and really like all the different layers and techniques shared in this tag.

I still need to master the craft of using the chalk but I am getting there.

Thanks, for stopping by my blog.


Tim Holtz Tag

  I wanted to share a copy of the magazine with my Idol Tim Holtz and I also wanted to make him a tag since he is such an inspiration to me as an artist.

  Here is the tag I made Tim as a thank you for him driving my skill, drive and dedication to this hobby.  If it were not for him and his products I don't know as an artist if I would have developed my craft as much.

Thanks Tim for being a great inspiration and teacher.


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Displaying art and craft pieces in my studio

I think that we all are cramped for space want to have the capability to display projects.

When in Columbus, Ohio on a craft outing weekend my friend Nancy shared how she displays her art. She used screened window.

This gave me a great idea for my space and I went on a hunt for a screened door and window.

Here is what I came across and what I use in my space to display pieces I have made and received from others.

I hope this gives you ideas and inspiration in your space. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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Burlap Canvas project

Here is a canvas I made late January and finally getting around to posting this project.

I use a burlap canvas as the foundation. I then took a foil sheet and use the compass embossing folder. After I embossed I took alcohol inks and this background.

I then used other elements, dies, embellishments to achieve this finished piece below. Thanks for stopping by.

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Jan14 - Mixed Media Tag swap

  In Jan14 I was in a tag swap for CreateExchange group that I am apart of and I made the following tag.  The theme for this swap was mixed media.

Here is the tag I made for this swap.  I used a technique called Ver-Day.  The products used to create this back ground are from TENseconds Studio.

The Ver-Day Paint 2oz Kit comes with:
 - Brass
 - Copper
 - Iron
 - Bronze
 - and Patina Solutions

 Step 1 - After shaking the paint really well, apply a base coat to your project
 Step 2 - Let the base coat dry for at least 1 hour
 Step 3 - Put the second coat of paint on your project
 Step 4 - While the second coat of paint is still WET spray Ver-Day Patina Solution onto the WET paint.
 Step 5 - Then need to let it dry

Note - The Ver-Day will take a couple hours to react to the Ver-Day Paint. - you can find How To Videos at

Here is  a picture of my finished tag project made for the Jan14 swap:

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope you enjoyed this project.  If you get a chance definitely try out this technique it is so much fun to do and create with.



Studios - Editors thank you cards

   I wanted to make a card and send to the editors of Studios Magazine.  So I made the following two cards and sent to them in appreciation for publishing me in the magazine.

One of them loved the color teal/green and the other orange.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.


FEATURED in - Studios Magazine Newsstand - Spring Issue (CPS) - Feb14 (on newsstands 2/18/14)

  Good day, I am so glad to finally be sharing that very soon you will be able to see my article in the CPS Studios magazine Spring Issue.  It will be on newsstands in February on 2/18/14.  It is a proud moment for me to be feature in this magazine and to display my studio, thoughts as an artist and pieces that I have made.

  My article in this magazine tells you how I started my venture of being an artist and how it has evolved through time.  It is hard to believe that I made my very first piece in November 2011 as a Christmas card.   It is funny how your passion, love and deep connection to your artistic side will take you on a venture that will be plentiful of reward.  Thanks Michael my best friend for being inspiration and getting me into loving this.

  As an artist I get my greatest moments know that what I create will make someone smile.  I have three artists that I look up to as my idols - Tim Holtz, Wendy Vecchi and Shelly Hickox.  I have a deep connection to Tim Holtz and his style, products and skill.  The second best thing to being featured in this magazine for my studio is being featured in the same issue as Tim Holtz.

  I hope you are able to go out and get this issue or at least browse the newsstand and have a quick read.  I am grateful to have a supportive partner, friends, family and fellow artists that share in my love for this craft.  Thanks for stopping by my blog and watching me live out my dream of creativity through art.

TMCreative - Trent

PS - if you want to know where you can pick-up a physical copy let me know.  The issue can also be purchased in digital format and found on

Be sure to live each day in a path of discovery and in search of your dreams. We all have talent it is sometimes just untapped.  So pop the lid and watch the creativity in you flow.

Winged Things Tag Project

   So I have been debating for about a year do I buy or don't I buy the WINGED THINGS I and II -STAMPERS ANONYMOUS - Tim Holtz stampsets.   Then about two weeks ago I decided I have to have them.  I search high and low for them.  In many places they were out-of-stock.  I finally found them on two different sites and added them to my stamp family.

  Just love these stamp sets:

  Here is what I ended up making for my first project with these stamp sets. 

  Really enjoyed as this is more mixed media with a flare of journaling.   Trying to venture out of my box for projects and expand into other mediums and styles.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.


Saturday, February 1, 2014

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Thanks all for your support.

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