Friday, May 31, 2013

Hard to believe this is the last day of May. Has been a busy month with vacation and working on craft projects. Here is the MAY 2013 Tim Holtz 12 Tags that I made. I really liked making this tag. The rub ons and color technique used was really fun.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Petrified - upcoming art journaling tag swap

So I am in this great craft group that is full of talented people. We have been making swaps for each other which i feel i have excelled in. However, Our latest swap is going to be art journaling on a tag. I don't know why this makes me petrified but it does. I am a perfectionist by nature. This probably comes from my chosen profession being in finance. It is funny how working inside our comfort zone comes natural. However when we choose or move outside the box we feel weary. Tonight I have sat, thought, contemplated and played with what I will do in this challenge. I either draw blank or hate what I am coming up with. It is odd the pressure we put on ourselves. I want to make something amazing and since I am letting my fear take hold it has choked out my creativity. I think my greatest fear is failure. However, in order to be great at something you have to stumble at first. As Tim Holtz would say embrace imperfection. But when you are fearful it is hard to accept it with open arms. I will take pause, regroup and attempt to start this thought process another day. Maybe I should try this after a few drinks. Lol. Just a crafter Shari g his thoughts as he embarks into something new with hesitation.