Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Tim Holtz - Dec month - 12 tags of 2013

 I know this is late on me posting in my blog.  But I wanted to share my version of Tim Holtz - December tag for the 12 tags of 2013.

I am looking forward to continuing on with these tags in 2014.  This is really a great outlet that Tim provides us to tap even further into our artistic capabilities.   I will say that he always gets me to push the envelope and further expand my skill as an artist.

I enjoy making these tags and cant wait to get started on the January 2014 tag.  He posted this today and for once I don't have to buy something to make the tag.  I have everything needed to make the Jan 2014 tag.

I will be working on Jan 2014 tag in the coming week and posting my project.

Thanks for stopping bye and have a great day!


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